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STIRNIMANN FUENTES Dispute Resolution Sàrl is an independent law firm specialized in international and Swiss dispute resolution with offices in Geneva/Switzerland.

The firm represents clients before international arbitral tribunals across the globe and before Swiss state courts.

The principal partner of the firm, Dr. Franz X. Stirnimann Fuentes, is a recognized international arbitrator who is regularly appointed as presiding, sole or co-arbitrator in arbitrations in Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

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The attorneys of STIRNIMANN FUENTES Dispute Resolution Sàrl have worked at major law firms across the globe, and work both as counsel and arbitrator (presiding arbitrator, sole arbitrator, and co-arbitrator) in international commercial and investment arbitration proceedings, under various prominent institutional rules (ICC, ICSID, LCIA, Swiss Rules, UNCITRAL, etc.) and ad-hoc. Dr. Stirnimann also acts as counsel in local proceedings before Swiss courts, both German as well as French-speaking.

Collectively, the firm’s attorneys have over fifty years of experience in international arbitration and Swiss court litigation, having collectively worked on more than hundred commercial arbitration matters and twenty-seven investment arbitration matters (present and past).

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STIRNIMANN FUENTES Dispute Resolution Sàrl provides a host of services to the client, including:

  • Advisory ahead of a dispute on strategic options.

  • Advisory on and representing in pre-litigation correspondence and negotiation.

  • Representing parties in arbitration proceedings and related court actions.

  • Serving as arbitrator in arbitration proceedings.

STIRNIMANN FUENTES Dispute Resolution Sàrl also works as Swiss counsel to major international law firms, and in a team with other independent specialized firms or independent individual lawyers.